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The Rise of Engaging Summits

The events industry has drastically changed over the last decade. From its infancy, events have always been about the look and feel of the room, the entertainment and delicious food. It still is, but rather the typical design of corporate events, the new normal is quickly shifting towards the sharing of information by guests themselves. Through panel discussions, focused education and engaging international summits, events are morphing into multi-day programs where attendees are creating the experience through discussion.

Panel on Journalistic Storytelling at Discoverability Summit.

In a time where information is continuous, individuals can learn and share ideas 24 hours a day. It is now important for brands and services to do the same. Rather than the experiential touch and feel concepts of 2010, the next generation focuses less on the gadgetry, bells and whistles and more on the collaboration of intellectual voices. leaders are beginning to share ideas while teaching industries on comprehensive topics that can enhance companies and their personnel - not to mention their bottom line. Where conferences focused on individual speakers and networking events, summits have developed concepts that create a Think Tank over multiple days for collaboration, development and can literally make change for the future.

Summits ARE change. They don't just teach new ideas, they create and implement them for the greater good. In 2016, Fifth Element Group had the honour to develop, produce and execute the first ever Discoverability Summit in Toronto, On. The summit brought over 60 speakers from across the globe to discuss the future of online content, how consumers find content, how producers are placing such content and how networks are changing to fulfill everyone's needs. With 26 panel discussions, 2 keynotes and 2 days of discussion, the Discoverability Summit produced a bible of information using video and audio transcripts that was given back to the industry by the CRTC and the NFB. The summit not only produced great content, but also took the collective voices from multiple industries and everyone attending had a chance to participate.

Discussion on consuming content and platforms.

As 2018 begins, the summit will take centre stage. More and more producers and planners are noticing a need to develop live platforms where industries can collaborate in person; with conversation and facts. It's our job as producers and planners to help build the church for these industries to meet. We need to support these ideas, help develop them and support industry leaders to bring their colleagues and competition together for future growth and sustainability.

Jared Golberg

Managing Director

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